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Our immune system can be strengthened by singing. Yes, according to the researchers of the University of Frankfurt, singing helps boost the immune system. They conducted study on the professional choir members. They observed their blood before starting their hour-long rehearsal and again checked after it. They noticed in most of the cases, the immune system & the amount of proteins in it which functions as antibodies, were higher just after the rehearsal. But the same kind of increase was not observed in the choir members who were passively listening to music. Research has also shown that singing has helped the immune protein of the cancer patients too.

Singing is something we all love to do, no matter how well we sing. So let me list down 3 important benefits of singing which should really pull you to sing more and more.

1. Singing improves mood - This is the most common and well-known fact that singing is a natural anti-depressant, and has the capacity to change our mood in 2 to 3 minutes. Just sing a happy song and you’ll feel your sad mood leaving you for good. So next time you feel gloomy, do give singing a chance to cheer you up.

2. Singing is also a workout - Yes, for the injured, disabled & elderly singing can prove to be a very good form of exercise. Singing gives our lungs a good workout which is important to keep them healthy. Some believe that your stamina & aerobic capacity can also be increased by singing.

3. Singing lowers stress levels – Any form of Music is relaxing. Stored muscle tension can be released through singing and the level of stress hormone called cortisol decreases in your bloodstream.