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The feeling of being on stage is priceless for any artist! And if you are a singer you sure love to showcase your talent in front of a huge audience. From being a contestant in any music competition or being an artist in the music industry, it’s just not limited to recording studios but also the stage presence in live performances. Stage presence is given so much importance nowadays that special marking is kept for it in competitions!

So, to help our budding artists, here are some tips to enhance your stage presence and scoring it all:

  • Audience: The first and the most important part of a live performance is its audience. If the audience is enjoying and is with you throughout your performance means you have won it all! But engaging the audience is not that easy. You have to make connections with them but at the same time keep on singing! You cannot afford to miss a beat or else it’s all gone for a toss! The performances we love are surely the ones where the artist engages the audience. They are interactive to the extent that few of the performers like Adele, Beyoncé and Rihanna etc. have even called their fans on stage from the audience to sing with them. Don’t believe me?! Here have a look-